Through our professional sources, you can convert your funding requirement and the exploration of your mine into a security offering, internationally recognized and identified by an International Securities Identification Number. Your security offering is fully compliant and international bankable to access funds on the “secondary market” (which is where most stocks are traded worldwide). Through Securitization you qualify to access the official banking channels. Your security offering also qualifies for immediate private placement investments of Institutional Investors, Insurance Companies, Family Offices and Hedge Funds.

This is how can you Securitize your Mining Project

If you have a qualified (1) business plan and (2) secured the asset (the mine) and if you have (3) formulated your investment offering (the terms on which you seek funding through investments, and (4) you professionally qualify, then a team of Swiss professionals is employed to structure your transaction and design and draft all the required contracts and documents and finally the “Term Sheet” which builds the basis of your investment offering.

This is what basically happens when converting your simple business plan into a fully fledged Swiss (and internationally recognized and fully bankable) Security. First of all an “Issuing Vehicle” is structured and legally set up for you as the Originator. This is a qualified financial structure entity which from that stage on will officially hold your assets (your Mining Project) under terms acceptable under the official FINMA requirements and regulations for Security Offerings. Under this concept, your “Issuing Vehicle” will be set up and managed by professional Swiss Securitization Experts providing all legal and fiscal required services. Once your “Issuing Vehicle” is operational, your Security is structured, issued and registered, and will be available through official banking channels to all Institutional Investors.