Actively Managed Certificates (AMC) employed for Crypto Currency Mining

Elite experts generated a strategy for a most flexible and cost-effective securitization solution for cryptocurrency mining investments. In the growing, but still immature, field of crypto currencies and digital assets, investors are lacking a professional gateway to the backbone of block chain: The “mining industry”.

Via deploying dedicated hardware and electricity to the block chain-networks, “miners” are being rewarded for their contribution via so-called “block rewards”. This equals a genuine, uncorrelated income stream.

Until now, the majority of investments in crypto currency mining were either directly invested or organized in fund structures. Direct investments, limited partnerships, and funds consume a substantial amount of time and resources to set up, maintain, and adapt to the regulatory framework which results in high TERs. Through this new structure, AMCs on Crypto Mining can be established to provide a manageable and cost-efficient solution to access this digital and alternative asset class. One of the biggest advantages is the completely uncorrelated nature of the pay-outs, which add massively to the goal of diversification of a classical or crypto/digital asset portfolio.

An elite team of Crypto experts pioneered this futuristic financial concept of crypto securitization, where an individual off-balance sheet issuance vehicle is established to hold digital assets and issue conventional securities (Certificate/Note) with a Swiss ISIN to investors. This allows especially institutional investors to easily book crypto on their balance sheets via their normal stockbroker. Therefore, they can conduct traditional audits and use their traditional banking infrastructure, just like for all other investments.

Note Certificates are debt Securities issued by financial institutions. The return is based on a single asset or a basket of assets. They are a combination of financial contracts embodied in a single security, which can be traded like a stock or bond. The return of such a note is linked to the performance of an underlying asset, like Crypto currency or multiple assets on a predetermined date or with open-end maturity.