Funding your Project through Securitization

If you seek funding for a project, you first talk to your own bank.
They either finance you, if you have sufficient capital, or…
If your bank feels that you haven’t sufficient collateral to back up a loan,
they will not fund you.

You then might want to lease collateral to get funded through your own bank, or a lender / monetizer. All sorts of brokers on the internet tell you all sorts of stories of leasing an instrument from one party and have it monetized by another one. Did you ever see that this worked? If you search the internet you will however realise how many people are losing SWIFT fees to brokers who then disappear and never came up with a valid instrument. With a leased instrument, you will have nothing to back up a loan. This is simply no valid collateral or a genuine security for a lender. You create costs without receiving substance in return.

You then might consider getting funded through a Venture Capital Firm. If you find one interested in your project, the next question would be if you would like to go for their VC funding terms which might come as a shock to you once you are confronted with all the terms and what you have to give up in return for funding. So if also this is not an option for you, then…

You might want to look at obtaining direct investments from institutional investors using our platform services.


Through your Securities offering, you define your preferred terms and conditions to obtain investments and loans.

If you do not have valid collateral yet, then we propose to provide you with the possibility to turn your project, your financial plans, your financial strategies into valid collateral and directly access funds on the secondary market through securitization of your project or financial strategy. Such investment offers can be placed on the “secondary market” which actually is the market in which most trading takes place and most stocks are sold. In this regulated financial market, institutional investors, banks, hedge funds, family offices, insurance companies and other corporates buy into investments via private placement transaction. They invest in Securities.

IMF Publication

A security is different from a 144a offering, or a Regulation S, or a Corporate Bond offer. A fully fledged Swiss Security is a regulated financial instrument which represents an investment into your company assets (similar to shares traded on the stock exchange) but on a Debt, or Equity private placement basis.

Other than for 144a or RegS or Corporate Bonds, through this unique service structure there is a daily price fixing and an officially established “Bid Value”. A market price is established – every day. Fully fledged Swiss Securities are structured as a fully bankable qualified financial instrument and can be pledged for loans, or sold as an investment through the official banking channels, on a private placement basis. And, Securities are identified and globally recognized through an International Securities Identification Number. And this makes Securitization a powerful financial instrument to get projects funded on the secondary markets via private placement. Read more...

Listen to how you can get in funds through Securitization!