A new option for financing the purchase of productive assets

Are you an entrepreneur who would like to finance the purchase of some new production equipment? In addition to shopping for the hardware you need, you are probably also trying to find an attractive financing option, one that would allow you to avoid the cost and other disadvantages of taking out a loan. Here is your solution: A Certificate of Things.

Take a denim manufacturer for example: The owners want to acquire a new packaging machine. Instead of a conventional solution requiring the company to take on debt, elite experts can custom-design an investment certificate that compensates investors in the form of a variable coupon for each quantity of denim produced by the new machine.

You can process the transaction via a certificate established by our customized issuance solution, which is quick and inexpensive to set up. The certificate is issued as a fully-fledged Swiss security with its own Swiss ISIN, which is then accessible to investors, like any other security, via their bank.
This alternative financing method means that the denim producer becomes something more than a loan applicant: They are now providing an attractive service by giving investors a stake in the machine’s output. The certificate corresponds to a direct investment in its denim production.

We call this novel way to finance the acquisition of an asset a “Certificate of Things”. Like the “Internet of Things”, which makes use of information generated by physical devices, this solution also makes use of information – in this case, the manufacturer’s capacity utilization – and turns it into an investment. The benefit to you as a production company is clear. By applying this ingenious solution to a wide range of financing situations facing your clients, you are entering new fields of business and explicitly creating added value for them. You can do all of this flexibly, quickly, and inexpensively.