The basic principle of Securitization is to escalate assets from a client’s daily business and place them into an independent controlled Special Purpose Vehicle.

An SPV usually is structured and managed in the form of an offshore company. This entity is controlled by independent professionals in the Securities Market and depending upon the type of security that is issued for you, you have professionals building the security, and independent administrators, who are not permitted to be a part of this highly controlled and regulated investment offering.

Securitize for Funding (how it works)

Assets can be anything for which a market value can be established, debt, equity, tangible, or intangible assets anywhere in the free world.

To emit and place a fully fledged Swiss Security, you required services of regulated entities, like a Custodian, a Paying Agent, a Valuation Agent, and at times a Storage Provider (for Crypto assets) and an official Brokerage House and Distributors. Book keeping, preparation of tax returns and annual financial statements, provided by independent sources like PWC or KPMG add the required level of professionalism and safety for potential lenders or investors. A listing on Bloomberg makes your offer globally recognized and accessible.

Your Assets

For this important task, you will need to hire and employ top experts, if at all possible the elite in the securities industry to make it a success. They can also optimize your funding requirement and structure a professional investment proposal through an official Securities Offering for you to provide the greatest possible benefit and acceptability. This guarantees that you will have your investment idea converted in the best possible way into a fledged and bankable Swiss compliant Security, registered with an International Securities Identification Number (ISIN), opened on the Swiss Six Telekurs internationally acessibly listed on the Bloomberg System. This opens also the most active secondary market for you which you are unable to access without this structured product and professional services.

Once your Security Offer is structured, you can get funded through banks, lenders, or through “Qualified Investors” active in the highly frequented and regulated securities market. You have the option to pledge your securities (like publicly traded stocks, which are also securities) for loans provided by banks or lenders, and you can sell your very own fully fledged Security to receive investments from institutional investors, Insurance Companies, Family Offices and Hedge Funds via private placement.


Financial Times August 2017

The securities market is highly regulated. None the experts working on structured products emitted in the format of a Security are permitted to be a part of your financial transaction or investment offer. The creators of your Securities are excluded from marketing. But you can be introduced to FINMA regulated, specialized and authorized Securities dealers and banks in Switzerland with the capacity to place your Securities in Switzerland and also internationally.

Structuring your Security requires a most complete service and you will have to hire and pay for the professional time that will have to be spent on structuring your Securities. With the help of top experts in the Securities industry you will be put you into a position to emit a Securities Offering that will work for you right from the start.

Since none of the experts who work on your project, are permitted to be a part of your Securities offering or placement, another level of safety is added for banks, lenders and investors and their investment, as they are assured that placement of securities is not effected or influenced by marketing insiders.

To engineer your structured product, the best service a client can obtain is provided through experts with relevant experetise. You will neither be tied, nor limited to a certain group of team members. For each project those experts will be selected with specialized know-how matching all tasks that will have to be performed and to solve any specific problem to achieve the very best result for your transaction. This assures a superior service which will reflect in a high quality Securities Offering.