Your Security will immediately be live and listed with a daily NAV (Net Asset Value).

What happens once your security is emitted? Our service includes opening of your security on SIX Telekurs. Your International Securities Identification Number (ISIN) will be listed and banks will get a feed of your security listing. There is a daily NAV (Net Asset Value) calculation published also on FINANZEN.NET and your security will also be listed on BLOOMBERG for global access.

You now can immediately pledge your securities as collateral for a bank loan, or offer it as a private placement investment opportunity to “Qualified Investors”, like Banks, Institutional Investors and big corporations, Insurance Companies, Family Offices and Hedge Funds. They have their clearly defined investment strategies and often are limited to invest in structured products emitted in the form of a fully fledged Security. This protects them (through strict international rules of the highly regulated Securities Market) and this makes your security easy for them to invest in. Your security will be a fully bankable structured financial product.

And if you do not have an immediate lender, or investor, there is a wide range of options to actually place your security on the secondary market. In Switzerland alone, there are about 292 Swiss securities dealer and Foreign-controlled securities dealer licensed by FINMA to market your securities.

Financial Times August 2017

As there are 60 major stock exchanges throughout the world trading in stocks, the possibilities of the new FINTEC market have caused online platforms to pop up to promote the placement of securities. Some of them are authorized Broker / Dealers while others cooperate with licensed entities, using smart technologies and social media. Generation X and the Millennial are dramatically changing the distribution landscape every day while rapidly gaining market share. Your options are endless.


Our platform is your One-Stop-Solution to Project Finance! We serve our clients with the ability to securitize not only bankable but also non-bankable assets with a Swiss ISIN and no issuer risk at a minimal price. Our set-up for off-balance sheet investment products and platform services opens a new dimension of performance potential from optimizing your strategy to getting in funds. Learn all about our unique Securitization and Funding Platform HERE