Here are some international projects on Standby to get funded through direct investments into the company or securities scheduled to be available through private placement.

Recycling and production of PET Flakes LOCATION: BANGLADESH,  PROJECT: Expansion of a well established company Industry: PET Flakes Recycling, Investment Capital: USD 30M


Well established Company in Bangladesh seeks to raise Expansion and Growth Capital

Financial Investment required USD 30M. Available assets are a running factory, land, premises, cash and cash equivalents


Expansion of existing operation with the possibility to pay back U$D 30 Million within 10 years and with structured regular payments on interest. The interest rate is negotiable.

This company which is running successfully with it’s factory in Bangladesh along with its commercial offices in Dhaka, Bangladesh. This company has existing machineries at it’s own factory with production capacity of 3500 to 4000 Metric Ton monthly. The use of plastic is increasing in almost all sectors of the economy. Globally improved economic conditions tend to promote increased consumption and a corresponding increase in recycling industries all over the world. Reusing and Recycling has been one of the most effective and inexpensive ways to reduce the environmental impact of plastics. Some Plastic containers can be made durable enough to be refilled and reused about 25 times before becoming too damaged for reuse or recycling. Once PET has been processed by the recycling centre, it can be turned into belts, back into Pet Bottles, Blankets, Boat Hulls" Car Parts, Carpets, Egg Cartons, Furniture, Insulation, Pillows, and Polyester Fabric for Upholstery, T shirts, Sweaters, Backpacks, Athletic Wear and Shoes, Recycling Bins, Sail, Tennis Ball Cans, Tennis Ball Felt , Welcome Mats etc and many more. The demand is very high and is seeing a huge potential and steady growth all over the world. Even in our country the demand is high and steadily increasing day by day. PET is a material which is vital for life.

Due to recycling the cost comps down and is inexpensive as mentioned and from PET Bottle Pet Flakes and Polyester Yearn is made.

The overall demand of it all over the world is 8 Million Metric Ton per year but the whole industry can only provide or meet the demand of 4.5 Million Metric Ton per year. This results in a gap and deficit of 3.5 Million Metric Tons which cannot be filled and is in very high demand therefore.

The company worked as a recycler that turns used bottle in to PET flakes, the raw materials at the base of recycled pet products. There is a huge demand of Pet Flakes as it is one of the main raw materials for the PSF textile industries. The present market demand made Pet Flakes a huge potential product. The company is the only company in Bangladesh which has the permission to import scrap pet bottle from anywhere of the world. There are three other companies in Bangladesh who work in the same sector but in a very small scale. They have a capacity of 500 ton per month, 400 ton per month and 300 ton per month but they are insufficient to fulfil or meet the demand for PET flakes in Bangladesh they cannot even provide 20 % of the demand of it in Bangladesh.

THE ORIGINATOR COMPANY imports raw materials from all over many renowned countries all over the world 5uch as Saudi Arab, Dubai, Oman, USA and many more. We also have a yard owned in Saudi Arab from which at present 3.500 to 4,000 Metric Ton can be imported monthly. Our materials are of high quality and we believe that our company is a fruitful one accompanied by Its high demand and efficient planning. We have listed the export and imports of our company below:

Import 2016 9102.44 MT – Export 7,211.00 MT

Import 2015 10,005.88 MT – Export 8,728.00 MT

Import 2014 8,943.00 – Export 8,030.00 MT

As being under EPZ we are 100% Export Oriented and we export all our production to meet the high demands from different countries all over the world such as USA, China. Taiwan, Korea, Japan and many more. As we have very high demand and there is high deficit of supply we have buyers who buy with 100 % TT (Telegraphic Transfers) ready to buy our product as soon as possible, buyers such as Reliance Industries, Ganesh PET, Borefech and many more. The demand of our product is immense that we never have to look around for buyers they always come searching for us from all over the world. We have bought & installed high technology state of art fully automatic machines from Germany and other renowned countries. We are specialized in the sector of recycling which believes in environment friendly and green world. We will have export values worth USD $ 2,000,000 to 2.500,000 export out of which we will have a net profit of U$D 400,000 to 500,000 per month through the sale of PET Flakes which shall be used to expand and take up new projects in the foreseeable future.

We have various ISO Certificates provided to ensure the Quality of our product and responsibilities of our management. As a fully environment friendly company we use recycled and treated water which is treated by our in house state of art water treatment plant to to contribute to our sustainable growth and future. We have our factory, machines, premises insured including facilities for our labour. From our transition from manual machine to fully automatic machines we need to produce AA grade PET Flakes along with less labour to ensure efficiency and productivity in the business.

OWNER ORIGINATOR’S ACHIEVEMENTS: He started his business carrier in 1995 with the establishment of a company engaged in import and export of goods.

In the year 1996 another company was established. It is also engaged in import and manufacturing of garment accessories to the garment industries of Bangladesh.

In 2000 he built up one company for manufacturing high quality sewing thread especially for the garment industry of the country.

In the year 2001 he started one more company for import and distribution of medical equipments and accessories to meet the growing need in both public and private sector.

Later on in 2002 he took up a project for import of various composite and subsidiary items required for garments and other industry.

In 2004 he established a company which is engaged in producing quality thread for the textile and garment industry.

In the year 2006 one if his companies engaged in exporting PET flakes and till date the biggest PET Flakes exporter in Bangladesh. His goal is to also establish Polyester Staple Fibre industry in Bangladesh.

He is the most enterprising Bangladeshi entrepreneur. In the year 2004 he was awarded with Nawab Sir Salimullah President Gold Medal award for his excellent and outstanding achievement in export.

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Building and operating 30 Storage Facilities in the USA by a professional Real Estate developer

Requirement:  $60 Million Line of Credit or capital

The firm seeks to develop, acquire, and reposition properties through tightening operational inefficiencies, moderate to extensive renovations and complete rebranding.


Established as a premiere self-storage operator with nimble investment sourcing, structuring, execution and asset management capabilities. We are a highly skilled and deeply focused real estate investment manager with the flexibility to scale and cater to our shareholders’ returns.

We assume a fiduciary approach to acquisitions and management of U.S. self-storage real estate investment opportunities. Our process is buttressed by a sound foundation of investment principles, comprehensive approach to every facet of the investment lifecycle, and the extensive ‘hands on’ expertise of our company’s cycle-tested investment professionals.

From broad market research to investment sourcing to execution and eventual harvest, each investment professional champions the values and rigors of the group’s investment process. We take an assertive approach to asset management in collaboration with our investment partners, which demands value creation and rapid de-risking of investments at the asset level and within the capital structure. The investment team leverages its rich experience to govern each investment with an owner and fiduciary perspective to maximize proceeds through unyielding execution and tactical, timely disposition.

The manager, seeks to achieve the stated objectives. With a $60 Million Line of Credit or capital availability, we will be able to acquire or build a facility utilizing the LOC or cash, stabilize the value and refinance through conventional means. This frees the capital to re-deploy on the next facility and so on.

Process Requirements

We seek the capital for a period of 3 to 5 years. These 30 Storage Facilities will be built in the USA


Professional real estate developer, Originator is an expert real estate constructor. He controls the purchase of identified or perfect non-commercial, professional or commercial real property, deal with any constructions on it or create new structures, and offer or rental the improved land or elements for profit.

Originator was born in Montana in the year 1969). studied Business Administration and Finance at Concordia College and has since been an active entrepreneur with different companies and in different countries.

He is highly competent and experienced in the diversified investment space specializing in Stocks, Automated Futures,Options, Commodities, Joint Ventures, and Real Estate.

He is experienced and well-traveled. From 2004 – 2006, Originator was the Portfolio Manager for Brevan Howard London, UK, Tel-Aviv, Israel. He was also Portfolio Manager at TradeLink from 2006 through 2007.

He spent close to 7 years of his life as a Joint Venture Director, Senior Investment Manager at Grizzly Peak Limited Partnership between 2008 and 2015. A company that focuses on revenue- generating businesses, improving metrics, increasing revenues, and either buy/hold or sell them. These include businesses in areas like Real Estate Investments, Commercial Real Estate, and Commercial Business Investments. He was instrumental in the company, and he achieved great feats before leaving the company.

From 2011 until present, he is Managing Partner and Director of Joint Ventures, SaddleBrook Investments LLC.

He has special skills in Financial Markets, Portfolio Management, Asset Management, Capital Markets, Alternative Investments, Investments, Hedge Funds, Equities, Investment Banking, Fixed Income, Private Equity, Financial Services, Leadership, Finance, Venture Capital, and Management.

Kara Murray, a Digital Marketing Director at Briley Media, had this to say about him: “He is a gifted leader with a rare combination of patience, spunk, and determination. I had the pleasure of meeting him at a training event in Gilbert, AZ. Stuart's ability to learn new skills quickly was impressive. He exhibits expert skills in leadership, organization, marketing, and has the mindset of a successful entrepreneur. I highly recommend working with him.”

Originator is vast in knowledge and skills, he has over 20 years of experience, and that has prepared him for any challenge in the investment world, no matter how tricky and in whatever shade they come. He is the master of his art. He is a man driven by his passion for excellence. He is results-oriented, and strives tobe successful in every aspect of his professional and personal life.

Originator is the modern-day entrepreneur, a serial entrepreneur if you’d like, he has been successful in several businesses in different fields in a career that spans more than 20 years. If you narrow his specialties down, you will discover that he can only be known for is unique ability in finding opportunities, maximizing them and giving his all to achieving anything he is passionate about. He is  a firm believer in the fact that “When you love what you do, you never work a day in your life!”

Over the years, he has learned to start, grow, and scale businesses. He is a strong asset in the Investment Market.

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Biomass Power Generation
Capital Requirement USD 210M
Successful established company branching out into Biomass Power Generation.
PRODUCTS USP AND FOCUS: Power Demand in Kenya, Ethanol Demand in Kenya, Reducing Emissions

This well established company supplies a complete range of Bitumen Products from various approved and controlled refining sources, as per international quality standards meeting your required product and packing specifications, logistics and financial requirements. They are capable to supply Bitumen Products that are suitable for Road, Highway, Bridge, Airport Runway, Airfields and other custom paving projects. Each road or airfield requires a sub-grade; base course and surfacing are quite similar. We adhere to meet all your product requisitions.


THE COMPANY approach for Biomass Power Generation with DEDICATED cultivation of Napier Grass is an UNIQUE and Successful methodology in the Biomass Power Generation Arena and it is being brought up first time in AFRICA. The company has taken a step to move ahead in Power Generation, Biomass Energy Fuel, Fodder and Ethanol Production Industry through dedicated cultivation of Napier Grass. After setting up the case study at one Place in Kajiado County, Kenya, same replica project will be set up at various places within Africa to make Africa self-reliant on Biomass Energy Fuel.

It has secured the permission from Ministry of Petroleum & Energy to setup 33 MW Biomass Power Project with dedicated cultivation of its Feedstock i.e. Napier Grass in Machakos County.

The company has got the permission from MoPE & KPLC to Setup following Phases of Biomass Power Project with dedicated cultivation of Napier Grass:

Phase # 1 : 11 MW Biomass Power Project with dedicated cultivation of Napier Grass in 1000 Acre Land.
Phase # 2 : 22 MW Biomass Power Project with dedicated cultivation of Napier Grass in 2000 Acre Land

• Total Project Cost for setting up Phase # 1 i.e. 33 MW Biomass Power Project + Biofuel Refinery + Cultivation of Napier Grass at 3000 Acre Land Cum Pallate Manufacturing Facility is estimated to USD 210 Million
• Project has been designed as Equity Debt Ratio of 100% equity investment
• For Debt Part, RTS already got Expression of Interest from UBA from Lithuania, OKS from UK, GCP from South Africa, IFU, a Denmark Based Financing Firm in association of Swish & Fund.
• Company is willing to partner with local banks to underwrite the project investments in order to generate SBLC or BG for accomplice pre- implementation part of project and further project implementation.

Proven Technology and Patent Pending System
Highly Experienced Management Team
Strong Projected Financial Performance
Investment Insurance Programs

Power Demand in Kenya
Ethanol Demand in Kenya
Reducing Emissions

If you have an immediate interest to invest in funding of this project, please
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