This party to the securitization transaction calculates and reports the distribution of interest, principal repayments and profit participation due to the INVESTORS and other creditors. The allocation of funds available from the exposure pool is governed by the cash flow waterfall. Generally, the following documents are submitted to the management body and INVESTORS.

This gathering to the securitization exchange figures and reports the conveyance of premium, head reimbursements and benefit support because of the INVESTORS and different lenders. The designation of assets accessible from the presentation pool is represented by the income cascade. For the most part, the accompanying archives are submitted to the administration body and INVESTORS: The report is submitted to the administration body of the S.P.V.. This record gives directions on the most proficient method to allot the accessible assets to the holders of the protections. The INVESTOR report is submitted to the holders of protections. This archive incorporates data about the notes, the insurance pool and the presentation of the securitization exchange overall.

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