The Securities Structuring Team working on our platform enables your One-Stop-Solution to Project Finance! This is a team of experts at your immediate disposal. Today, time is precious and cannot be wasted. When our Securities Structuring Team takes the time to listen to our clients needs, our team members truly get to understanding short and long-term objectives. With information provided by you, and valuable background information the Securities Structuring Team can customize and manage investment and restructuring policies to create the utmost financial product which will enable you to access funding on the secondary market which is not available to you without a structured financial product. To get you in funds is our service philosophy and it is what motivates our team.

Through our platform, the Securities Structuring Team has permanent access to multidisciplinary experts capable of supporting the implementation of all types of projects, no matter how complex.

The platform utilizes internal and external skills and relies on a network of specialists working in the various countries and fields required for the proposed securitisation transactions.

A team of professional external service providers are active members of our Securitization Platform

The team of experts provides financial and legal engineering. Activities carried out by other companies and Group Members facilitate funding. The structuring of some complex securitisation transactions involves different external service providers like banks, rating agencies, management companies, legal service providers, investors and financial market authorities. See the professionalism of some of the experts that are available to work on your project securitization HERE.

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