Ready, set, go!



Once you have familiarized yourself with the content of our website and have a clear understanding of the securitization services that are available, you complete and submit the qualification form. Start the Qualification Process.


This is the deal



We provide our most complete offer matching your presentation.



“On boarding”


You confirm this offer and request our services by countersigning this proposal and returning a duly accepted copy of this proposal to us.


Advisory Framework Agreement



We issue the Advisory Framework Agreement so that you can become our client.



You secure funds



You deposit funds. Optionally you deposit funds with your own trustee in Zurich, Switzerland. We receive confirmation of the availability of funds.


The Invoice


We will issue our invoice with terms to be paid according to work progress.







The required KYC Process is started. You provide the following documents: Commercial register memorandum, Annual financial statement, Passport copy of company directors, Passport copies of official signatories, List of authorized traders, Passport copies of authorized traders, SRO Confirmation and a legal team performs required extensive due diligence.

Structuring the SPV



The SPV is designed in line with your requirements, structured and set up.


You are in charge



Once your own issuance vehicle has been duly set up and registered, you sign the Distribution & Treasury Mandate Agreement which makes you in charge officially.


The Paying Agent




You will have to provide Power of Attorney, allowing our team providing the service a read-only view on the bank account at the Paying Agent. The account opening formalities at the Paying Agent will be performed by our team providing the service for you.


Payment of the Invoice




The arrangement fees and the first year’s service fees for the SPV are released as to the terms of the invoice. SPV issuing vehicle is ready, your Security can be structured. This completes the process of and your Issuer setup.

The Emission of the Security

The Custodian



The team will suggest a custodian for your product, but you can choose any qualified entity of your choice to perform custodian services for your Security product.


ISIN and Invoice



We send the Project Kick-off Guide and reserve the ISIN for your product and our invoice for the structuring the security.


Structuring the Term Sheet



The financial products structuring team drafts the term sheet that best reflects your investment strategy



Approval of the Term Sheet



The team providing the service, the ORIGINATOR (you), the Paying Agent and the (SPV) Issuer‘s Directors approve the Term Sheet.



Final Payment




The arrangement fees and the first year’s service fees for your Security are released as to the terms of the invoice. Your Security is live and can be invested in by any of your qualified investors.