You have a business idea.
You have a business plan.
You have some assets.
You start implementing your project.

All assets you have can be tangible, or intangible, liquid or illiquid. Your collateral may consist of all different kind of assets which you just cannot “put into your suitcase” and bring it to a bank, a lender, or an investor to raise funds or to collateralize a loan.
Structure it!
But if you have a structured product created by our elite of experts, then you will immediately improve your collateral value, have a fully-fledged Swiss compliant Security, bankable, internationally recognized and identified by its own International Securities Identification Number.
Optimize the value that you already have!
Securitization adds value to your assets and increases chances of raising capital. Our experts can optimize collateral value through specialized financial engineering for almost any project. You create an asset which institutional investors can invest in through official banking channels.
Pledge your Securities for loans!
Once your security has been emitted, you can immediately pledge it for a loan with a bank, or an institutional lender anywhere on this planet. You fund raising possibilities are no longer limited to where your project or your asset is physically located.
Make it available to investors!
Your security will be listed on the Bloomberg system and your fund-raising offer is instantly accessible to all Qualified Investors around the world through all official banking channels! Investors can invest in your Securities offering on your given terms via private placement.

A Security usually represents an ownership stake in a publicly traded corporation, a creditor relationship with a governmental body or a corporation, or rights to ownership as represented by an option. Securitization provides an optimal solution for converting liquid and illiquid assets into liquid cash flows by transferring the assets to investors in the form of securities. Benefit from the expertise of our European and US securitization experts. Get in touch with us right now!

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