Through our team of elite experts we can securitize any kind of project. Here are some more examples of most frequently performed securitization projects. Read about the advantages of Securitization, escalating your Real Estate assets on lease back arrangements, or just listen to our podcast right here:

EXAMPLE: It may be very useful to escalate Real Estate assets. A natural or legal person may transfer to a third party controlled Special Purpose Vehicle the ownership of a residential- or a factory building or an entire plant it owns or a right relating to that asset, and reserve the right to use it, or occupy it a specified period of time.

The property asset is sold and allocated to the Special Purpose Vehicle. In a structured security product, the asset can be escalated from the original owner and the use of the property can be on a sale-and-leaseback arrangement.

A sale-and-leaseback arrangement, if utilized in a securitization transaction is an effective alternative to separate the “asset value” in an individual investor’s or company’s real estate investment. As a result, a sale-and-lease-back arrangement can help to unlock personal or a company’s real estate value, enable an individual, or a company to reduce its investment in buildings and land and you can raise cash in exchange for a long-term lease. Sale-and-leaseback can be a smart move by operating businesses that own their real estate.

The beneficiary Special Purpose Vehicle may transfer or sell these securities to other holders and the latter will receive income relating to their rights such as rents or capital gains on disposals. This technique also allows investors to acquire, via the Special Purpose Vehicle, an important building without having to assume the investment alone. Securitization also makes it easier to transfer the rights of a building to a successor.

The FRL Group’s Securities Division provides clients with a team of multidisciplinary elite experts capable of supporting the implementation of all types of projects, to also solve the most complex tasks. These are elite internal and external skills. Our Securities Division relies on a network of expert specialists located in different countries around the globe and working in fields required for securitisation transactions, all coordinated through our Dublin and Zurich structuring teams. In addition to financial and legal engineering, some required activities have to be carried out by FINMA regulated companies. Available skills combining years of banking and finance experience, include fleet management, real estate, cars, boats and aircraft, IT services, administrative and accounting services and required specialized services provided through on- and offshore business centres.

There are much more great ideas of how to utilize securitization. Do not hesitate to contact us and share your requirements with us. We will be able to offer you relevant solutions to achieve and optimize your objectives. Call the Securitization Experts phone +353.1.5137507 or skype listen4greatnews

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