The Platform Management’s Vision is to avail a One-Stop-Solution to Project Finance! We serve our clients with the ability to securitize not only bankable but also non-bankable assets with a Swiss ISIN and no issuer risk at a minimal price. Our set-up for off-balance sheet investment products and platform services opens a new dimension of performance potential from optimizing your strategy to getting in funds.

We have created the first and most complete Securitization Platform to enable projects to be converted into a fully fledged Security, to instantly become a qualified financial offer. With your project converted into a structured bankable product, you access funding on the secondary market through official banking channels, Institutional Investors, Hedge Funds, Insurance Companies and Family Offices. Strategically optimizing your offer for investors and implementing individual, optimized strategic investment ideas, we develop new unique selling propositions to help get your project in funds.

Our process and strategy involves a whole range of professional services that you might not have needed and applied when you developed your business plan. To convert your project into an immediate bankable investment product involves services of the Securities Structuring Team in line with your Arranged Underwriter or Standby Investors.

The platform coordinates the Management and Officers of the Special Purpose Vehicle, Trustees. It provides the services of a Legal Advisors, Tax and Accounting Advisors, Auditors, Registrars, Custodian, Credit Rating Agencies, Calculation and Reporting Agents, Paying Agents, Asset Servicers, Asset Back-Up Servicers and Asset or Collateral Manager.

If required, the innovative and unique platform has the capacity to introduce its existing clients to direct Lenders, Distribution Services, Liquidity Provider Services, Broker Dealer Services and Credit Enhancement Services.

Coordination between these actors is essential to save time and secure the achievement of your objectives. Our expertise and extensive network within the financial service industry will be at your service throughout the operation, and if required from the feasibility study to the issue and placing on the market of securities, within the framework of applicable laws and regulations. Call us right now +353.1.5137507 See the video clip and request further details via email here

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